Luton vs Peterborough

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Pro-Club: Peterborough United Academy FC

Michael Fox, Adult Member

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Michael Fox
Name: Michael Fox
City: Peterborough
Country: United Kingdom
Rank: Elite – 22 points
Membership: Adult Member
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Period 1 (90 mins)

Formation: Our Team: 2-2-1-1 |Opposition Team: 2-2-1-1


Look to play through the thirds - Recognize when to play forwards quickly.

- Don't ask for the ball until you know what your going to do with it.

- Try to recieve the ball with you head up as much as possible

Period Activity

Time Name Team Activity
0 --- --- --- Play starts
90 --- --- --- Play stops

Team List

Our Team (Home)

Num Player Name Main Position Goals Game Time (mins)
Jake West Goalkeeper 90
Waylan Renecke Defender 90
Jacob Poxton Mid-fielder 90
Rocco Smith Mid-fielder 90
Tyler Winters 90
Joe Cole 90
Enkled B 90
Lewis Kennedy 90
Ben Hilsdon 90
Isaac B-Mathews 90
Chey Da Silva 90
Joseph Toynton 90

Opposition Team (Away)

Num Player Name Main Position Goals Game Time (mins)

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