Hockey Session (Senior): 5 v 4

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): 5 v 4

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): 5 v 4
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5 v 4 (20 mins)


10 Players total 

3 goals 


5 players in Orange 

4 players in Blue 

Drill Planning.

1-The drill is a 5 v 4 

2- O1 starts by playing the pass back the way to O2

3-When this is going on O3 is making a lead into the ball going past the defender, 

4-once O3 revives the ball there will be be two options to pass to, outside to O1 and inside to O4.

5-from this both players should be going direct to attack the circle, when a 1 v 1 is the situation then the intention should be to take on the 1 v 1 and penetrate the circle.

Tactical insights.

When there is a turnover O2 acts as a shield for the defensive zone, that player needs to slow down play also pushing the ball carrier outside and away from the middle of the field. O2 also acts as a outlet so possession can be recycled and a new attack can start but this is the last resort because we want to create attacks in the final 3rd and not bring the ball back into zone 3 while in zone 4.

When O4 gets the ball then O5 should be looking to get into a position for a deflection shot at goal or a rebound zone.

When 01 gets the ball O4 should making to make a run to the 2nd post for a deflection goal or into a rebound zone 

Drill objectives. 

Team orange need to penetrate the circle with direct forward attacking play and try and create a goal scoring situation while having a counter control in place.

Team blue need to slow down the orange the attack by not giving away too much space and not leaving men alone in the 23m area, when a turnover has been achieved there needs to be a big counter and try to score into the central goal

Additional Info.

From the 6 principles made available you will find 3 of them in this drill.

1  (1 v 1) 

2  (2 v 1)

3  (connecting another player)

4 Line to Line

Arrow Large Line Straight 2px Arrow Medium Right
Arrow Large Line Straight 2px Arrow Medium Right

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