Football/Soccer Session (Advanced): Reaction Saves - balls on the ground

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Set-up & Equipment

Full-sized goal

6 balls

1 cone or coaching stick

2 or more goalkeepers

Description of Activity

A goalkeeper (#2) starts standing behind end line about 1-2 yards wide of goal

Working goalkeeper (#1) is in goal

Coach or 3rd goalkeeper about 4-6 yards away

Goalkeepers are not using the full goal, they are only defending a space roughly 1/3rd of the goal, use cone and post to mark out the target area.

To start, working goalkeeper (#1) has ball at their feet standing at the post.

GK1 passes ball to GK2 who immediately passes on the ground to the coach (C)

Coach shoots on the ground at GK1 who has made a dropstep off post and is center of the small goal

Coach tries to drive ball past GK1 on the floor

If GK1 saves the ball, hands to GK2 and exercise continues

Goal is scored, ball is out of play, or save knocks ball out of the area, GK2 gets another of the remaining balls and continues

Exercise ends when all 6 balls are in the goal or out of play.

Coaching Points:

1. GK stays as big as possible as long as possible

2. Weight on balls of the feet, not rocking back into heels

3. Focus is less on good technique and more on bravery - any save is a good save in the scenario

4. GK steps off the line as ball moves to Coach, reduce angle, is set as ball is struck

5. Keep body square, don't turn away or change angle of deflection inside of post

6. Consider where rebounds go - parry balls wide, don't leave them sitting free inside the 6 yard box.

Pace of exercise should be high, GK under constant pressure.

Services should be realistic but keep in mind potential for injury, look for firm placement over power

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