Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Possession

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Drill

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Drill
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3 blacks (1 on each side, 1 in the middle).

4 reds (2 on each side).

4 blues (all inside area).

Plenty of balls ready to be passed in by the coach to allow for continuity.

Size of area as above: 18 yds [penalty area] x approx. 12 yds.

The outside team (blacks in this case) and the reds act as one team and keep possession of the ball.


Players must not be static.

The team of 4 on the outside (blacks) cannot pass to each other on the same side.

If the team of 4 in the middle (blues) intercept the ball from a pass made by one of the team of 4 on the outside (blues), they must switch places as quickly as possible [quick transitions, expansive shape to compact shape and vice versa].

When switching places, the team must on the outside must press quickly to win the ball back [pressing in transition - counterpressing].

Possible coaching points:

Receiving [open body shape, receiving the ball across the body].

Which foot to receive on [front foot under pressure, back foot when not under pressure].

Opposite movements to create angles [ nearest player coming close to support, furthest player moving far to create width/depth].

Quick transitions [expansive shape to compact shape and vice versa].

Pressing types [cutting off passing lanes, pressing in numbers, covering the presser(s)].

Pressing body shape [showing outside, showing inside]

Pressing in transition (aka counterpressing/gegenpressing) [speed of press, pressing when team has numerical balance].

Speed of thought [quick adjusting of mentality from in possession to transition to defending - uses all 4 moments of a match].

Scanning play [mental image of next pass or position].

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