Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): CAFC (PDP) Retreating Defence

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Steve  Avory
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): CAFC (PDP) Retreating Defence

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): CAFC (PDP) Retreating Defence
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CAFC (PDP) Retreating Defence

Practice organisation

• Full pitch with boxes marked by cones set-out,

as illustrated.

• 8 players, arranged 2Reds & 2Blues in centre circle, plus 2Reds &

2Blues who serve as target players, one in each of the 4 boxes,

as shown. 1 ball.

• Practice starts with: 4 players in centre circle pass randomly.

• Either Reds or Blues initiate attack with one player breaking from

circle supported by team mate, looking to gain entry into the

target box.

• Opposing player in circle, closest to box being attacked; drops-off

to defend against the counter (1v2).

• Defender delays attack whilst team mate from circle recovers from

behind ball (to make 2v2).

• Players in possession can only pass (below head height) through

front of box or run ball into box.

• If recovering players gain possession: they pass to either of their

target players located in boxes to conclude practice.

• Practice recommences with players from circle & boxes alternating

position & changing point of attack from circle.


• D presses ball, deflecting play away from supporting A.

• Body shape of D: low stance, split feet, changing

feet as appropriate, shoulders forward.

• Staying inside line of ball & goal.

• Attempt to tackle off front foot & remain on balance,

if not successful.

• Simple progression for this practice is:

- A’s have to score within a time frame (e.g. 6 seconds).

Key coaching points

• Quick realisation & reaction to movement of players from

centre circle.

• Initial D engages attack early without becoming isolated too far from

defensive box.

• D denies space, delays progress, deflects ball to defend target box

whilst recovering D makes ground.

• Recovering D engages ball if possible on his

recovery run.

• Once recovery is complete: defend with two as required

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