Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Four Corner Dribble & Turning

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Four Corner Dribble & Turning

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Four Corner Dribble & Turning
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Four Corner Dribble & Turning (20 mins)

Four Corner Dribble & Turning

Make 3-4 squares around pitch with a smaller flat marker center (marked light blue). Practice is a dribbling and turning circuit.

Start by asking players to demonstrate 3-4 turns (inside, outside, dragback, 360 etc etc) so they have the knowledge and info each time on what they can do.

To get used to size of area, ask them to dribble around to different square and in the middle of that square perform one of these turns.

P1 - change pathway (dont go round in circle), accelerate away and perform all 3 or 4 turns in each circle, head up dribbling, explosive drive away

P2 - back in original squares - one at a time, must dribble towards the middle , perform a turn and drive back to the middle, partner goes when first player back

P3 - now game, coach calls colour, so player must dribble back to that colour cone within their square

P4 - now coach calls out turn and colour, first back gets a point, first to 5 wins!

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