Preparation for Colorado

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Auggie Rodriguez Rodriguez
Name: Auggie Rodriguez Rodriguez
City: ontario
Country: United States of America
Rank: Elite – 8 points
Membership: Young Member
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Period 1

Formation: Empire G00 Premier: 4-4-2 (D) |Opposition Team: 4-3-3

Team List

Empire G00 Premier (Home)

Num Player Name Main Position Goals Game Time (mins)
1 Shelby Goalkeeper
2 Alanah Defender
3 Caytlin R. Defender
4 Chelsea Defender
5 Julia P Defender
6 Sarah M Mid-fielder
7 Citlali Striker
8 Elliana Mid-fielder
9 Lexi Striker
10 Alexa Hurtado Mid-fielder
11 Casmina P Mid-fielder
12 Delilah Mid-fielder
13 Alexis Defender
14 Kaitlyn Mid-fielder

Opposition Team (Away)

Num Player Name Main Position Goals Game Time (mins)

Learning Objectives

Technical (16%)
Sharp passing and moving to create 1v1's in attacking 3rd
Tactical (29%)
win every 1v1 defensively, win the ball within 10 seconds, keep the ball for long stretches of time,
Physical (16%)
High intesity first 15min of the game. Take advantage of the last 10min of the halves
Psychological (35%)
Social (4%)

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