Football/Soccer Session (U12): Creation of Finishing Situations

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Positional Organization

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Positional Organization
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Positional Organization

Positional Organization: ( triangles, diamonds, diagonals, etc. ) Permits a permanent relationship (possibility of a pass)among the players.

Creation of Finishing Situations, is characterized by ensuring to always have passing lanes among the players to be able to circulate the ball.


The exercise field is 25 x 25 yards.

6 v 4 The white team is composed of six players that include: two Center Backs, two Wingers, one Center Midfielder and Center Forward


In the area near the big circle as depicted below, the white team tries to keep possession the longest time posssible. Five white players play in the space on the edge of the box and the Center Mid plays inside the circle. The yellow team with four players tries to steal the ball and carry it outside the " box " and shoot on goal.

When losing possession the white Wingers move inside the " box " to try to recover possession quickly.


Ten consecutives passes by the white team scores a point. Every time the Center Mid receives the ball, turns and passes to a teammate in other side of the box he scores a point for white.

Every time yellow team steals the ball, they score a point. Team that scores the most points wins.

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