Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Basic Passing Drill (Keep Piggy in the Pen)

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Basic Passing Drill

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Basic Passing Drill
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Basic Passing Drill (20 mins)

Basic Passing Drill

Players pass back and forth trying to keep the ball moving and within their grid. Younger children - keep the piggy in the pen, and the piggy does not like sitting still!

P1 - two touch passing, one to control and one to pass back - same foot

P2 - two touch passing, one foot control, other foot pass, change each time

P3 - 5 touch control and pass, must control with inside and pass between feet (big toe, big toe) 3 times and pass back to other player. Increase/decrease distance depdning on child

P4 - toe tap passing. Control with toe taps, 4 toe taps and then pass back with sole pass, decrease distance

P5 - control with sole and slide across the body, pass with other foot

P6 - control with outside of foot across body and pass with other foot

P7 - one touch passing

Keep ball moving, always on your toes, ,ove inline with the pass and have non striking foot next to ball.

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