Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Technical

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Technical Session

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Technical Session
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Technical Session (25 mins)


1. 30 x 30 yard area set up as shown (scale to class size, not to large that players are able to sit comfortably in space)

2. 12 players set up as shown. Adjust if class is larger or smaller.

3. 1 ball per player


1. Coach starts out as the ninja.  He uses the cones as ninja stars to throw at the players soccer balls.

2. Players must dribble and avoid the ninja within the designated playing area

3. If a players soccer ball is hit by a ninja star then he or she must do some sort of skill to get back in the game. Examples: toe taps, tick tocks, etc

4.  Coach can the select a player or players to be the ninjas.  Make sure to explain to them that they must run and must hit the ball with the cone.  Best way to throw the cones is like a frisbee.

Coaching Points/Key Focus:



"How can you keep the ball closer when you are dribbling? By taking big touches or little touches? "

1. Can you keep the ball close to the foot when you are dribbling.

2. Can you avoid the Ninja without waiting for him to come

3. Can you change directions/speed

4. Can you take little touches to keep the ball closer

5. Can you time your move and the move the ball out of the way of the ninja star

6.  Can you be aware of of the playing space and stay inside.


Kids will most likely love this game so you may end up playing it multiple times and in multiple classes. You can build technical skill each week by concentrating on the different surfaces of the foot to dribble/control the ball with.

Week 1: Inside and Outside of the foot

Week 2: Sole of the foot

Week 3: Body and Shot Fakes

Week 4: Introducing shooting (Inside of the foot and laces of the foot)

Once your kids seem to have more control over the ball you can start introducing moves into the game.

Week 5: Drag back/Drag back sweeps

Week 6: Etc, Etc


4v4 - No more than 4 players at a time on the field for each team. One goalie/sweeper kicker.

Rotate goalies (everyone has to play goalie)

Try to give BONUS points or goals when the skill you worked on (drag back, cut back, etc) is done. 

Be vocal and excited about the game or skills you see players attempting or executing.

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