Football/Soccer Session (U6): transformers

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main activity - Transformers

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main activity - Transformers
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Main activity - Transformers


25x circle area or square area

5x circle area

1 ball per player

1 pennie per player


1. The Decepticons (players) have taken control of planet Earth (larger circular area)

2. Optimus Prime (coach) must attempt to make Earth safe again by ridding the planet of the Decepticons by

shooting them with his blaster (striking his ball at the players hitting their knee or anywhere below).

3. The Decepticons can transform into any type of vehicle to avoid getting hit by an Autobot blaster; a car to run

really fast, or a jet to jump over the ball.

4. If a Decepticon leaves Earth or is hit by Optimus Primes blaster they must transform into a flying machine and fly

back through space to Cybertron (smaller circular area) where they are transformed into Autobots and collect a

blaster for themselves before returning to Earth to help Optimus Prime.

5. Players start the game with pinnies on to designate themselves as Decepticons, but when they fly to Cybertron

they remove them to transform into Autobots.

6. Before Autobots fly back to Earth they must first charge up their blaster (perform ‘x’ amount of balls mastery


7. Play until the Earth is safe from all Decepticons!

Coaching Points:

1. Try to get as close as possible to a Decepticon before shooting your blaster.

2. Make sure you know where on Earth the Decepticons are by looking up.

3. Try to make sure you aim for a Decepticon and not just shoot your blaster when you can as it may end up in outer space and take a long time for you to get it back.


1. R- All Decepticons can only transform into ground vehicles (cars, trucks etc.) which mean they can’t leave the ground (jump, dive) to avoid getting hit by an Autobot blaster.

2. P- An Autobots blaster will only work if you shoot it properly (using designated part of foot – inside or laces, if

players use their toes then their blaster miss-fires and can’t hurt a Decepticon).

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