Football/Soccer Session (Advanced): Defending in attacking & middle third (Start Time: 2017-11-13 11:00:00)

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Ryan Semple
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Lead In

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Lead In
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Lead In (20 mins)


England in a 1-2-2-1-1 formation with Brazil in a 1-2-3-1. Area is the width of the penalty area with the length 2/3 of pitch. From halfway line pitch is narrowed to width of 6 yard area. In the attacking/middle 1/3 of pitch, England have flat discs as a visual when defending in the mid press.

Team Learning Objectives

England: Succesfully defend against the whites playing out through effectively pressing high in final third or defending the middle third before countering quickly on regain.

Brazil: Play out effectively to create & score

Picture 1- Transition recognition & speed of thought. When we can press. Roles of 9 & 10 as well as CMF screens & CB's.

Picture 2- If we can't press & decide to let opposition have ball, Where we drop to, where we protect, who & when we initiate press.

Picture 3- Disjointed shape with opposition countering. How we delay, where we protect, how we recover.

Key Points

Stay together, travel together, arrive together

- Initial reaction to passage of play & to transition.

- Triggers to press are poor touch, sideways pass, squeezed up pitch. Must press in numbers, go to win the ball with intensity but slow on approach & don't dive in. Show towards line.

- Triggers to drop are opposition in good possession, no chance of winning early, no pressure on the ball, disjointed shape.

- 9 High Press: Look to half pitch & show one way. If possible to win ball have real desire to do so but don't commit silly fouls.

Mid press: Drop into mid line before initiating secondary press.

- 10 High Press: Look to play slightly deeper to 9 but close enough to support. If first press is unsuccessful be ready to become main presser if ball played to other CB.

Mid press: When not on to press drop onto opposition DMF.

- 4/8 High Press: lock on to opposing CMF whenever possible. If opposition rotate track runners unless obvious to pass on.

Mid press: Screen pass into CF. As a pair ensure balance on both sides of pitch.

5/6: High press: Don't get detatched, compactness, pressure on ball keep pitch squeezed,

Mid press: No pressure then protect any space in behind focus on controlling area of where opposition play, (away from goal).

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Phase

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Phase
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Phase (20 mins)


Follow on from lead in, Brazil FB's added in with England wide players also. Area now full width until halfway line when it is then funnelled to width of 6 yard box.

Team Learning Objectives

England: Continuation of coaching focus from lead in. Stay, travel & arrive together as a unit alongside individual roles.

Brazil: Same as lead in.

Picture 1- Speed in which we recognise.

Picture 2- Reinforce points from lead in, (individual roles, stay, travel arrive).

Picture 3- Roles of 7 & 11, (high 7 mid press).

Key points

7/11 High Press: Engage FB as quickly as possible, show inside to force pass back towards CB, (where 9 should be) or towards MF, (where 10,4,8 should be).

Mid Press: Drop into shape alongside MF. When ball on otherside tuck in to stay compact. Tray & force ball wide.

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