Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): PD PHASE GK on field plyo

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): U18s GK plyos session

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): U18s GK plyos session
Save Image: Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): U18s GK plyos session

U18s GK plyos session

Feeder will place shots to force the keepr to dive x 2 each side = 4 mod level impacts as keeper dropping to save NOT jumping & diving


The keeper then peels off to his right to the cone. He then sprints and jumps to claim the ball mid-air at the mannequin. The keeper will then return back to the cone and complete this x 3 with maximal effort.= x 3 = total per set = 9 medium level lower body plyo 3 sets =27 med contacts


The keeper then returns to the goal for shot stopping x2. and throw ball back to feeder single arm = 2 upper body plyo low level throw


The keeper then peels off to his left and completes the hurdle course and returns back to the goal.


med hieght level Hurdles - Double leg forward = 3 each run @ 9each set total for 3 sets =27

low height level hurdles - single leg linear 2 each leg the swap. lateral 2 each side inside and outside =12

total lower body contacts = 48


Work rate - 20 seconds on


Rest period - 1.40mins off


3 times around the circuit = 1 set.


Rest between sets = 2mins


Total sets = 3

plyometrics stress

upper body low level = 18

lower body mod level = 27

lower body mod level = 39

volume total = 84


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