Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Goalkeeper, shot-stopping and distribution SSA

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSA

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSA
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Learning Objectives

Technical Technical
Goalkeeper: Shot stopping, recovery, distribution from hands
Technical Tactical
Goalkeeper: How to start breakways. Defenders: Keeping possession
Technical Physical
Keeper working under phycial stress from retrieving balls.
Technical Psychological
Golakeeper: thinking quickly. Mental adjustment to playing without keeper,
Technical Social
Keeper seeing situation in same way as teammates.

SSA (20 mins)

70 x 50 wide. 5v5 outfielders, 1 neutral, 2 goalkeepers. Two full size goals. 4 small nets at halfway facing the goals at a 45 degree angle. Cones mark approx 15 yards from each goal, leaving a 40 yard deep shooting zone.

1. Players attempt to work an opportunity to shoot – there is a 30-second shot clock.

2. Players can enter the area close to goal, they can’t score from there. They cannot shoot from close in.

3. Teams get two points for each goal one point for a goalkeeper making a shot-stopping save (not just picking up a loose ball), and five points if the goalkeeper, can save, retain the ball and throw the ball into the small net within five seconds. A single redirection touch by their team is allowed.

4. If the ball goes out of play from the goalkeeper throw, the goalkeeper has to go and get the ball, the game restarts from the coach at the halfway line with posession going to the team which doesn't have a goalkeeper - they must try and buy time for their keeper to get back in goal. The other team should press and seek the ball back to take advantage of the empty net.

5. PROGRESSION 1: If the players start gaming it and not challenging attackers in the non-shooting zone (a logical response to the game's restrictions), put in a crossing zone in each corner of the field where a player can cross and and attacker may score with their first touch. That opens up a little space and forces defense of the non-shooting zone.

6. PROGRESSION 2: Allow shots to score in the non-shooting zone if the shot is a first or second touch after a goalkeeper throw. This prevents defending teams crowding round the wide mini goals at restart and adds in the well placed central throw as an option for the keeper.

Coaching points: I'm looking for accuracy and pace on the goalkeeper throws, as well as good positioning for saves, balls of the feet. I want the outfielders to set up as many shots as possible in the allotted time and work out that they don;t all need to hang around in the shooting zone (which is what they will do to start).

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