Football/Soccer Session (Advanced): Making space for a finish in a tight area

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Activity One

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Activity One
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Activity One (20 mins)

Using Penalty area of a field; 2-lines of defenders (B) and 2-lines of attackers (A) with attacking wide midfielders (C). Wide midfielders cannot shoot. Rotate attackers/defenders/W Midfielders every 4-min

 i) 3 v 2 + 2 (5v2). Coach plays in a ball into the penalty area. 3 attackers + 2-wide midfielders try to get shot off on goal.

ii) 4 v 3 + 2 (6v3). Same set up as above.

iii) 5 v 4 + 2 (7v4). Same set up as above.

 Coaching Points

1) Willingness to shoot: Do players look for every opportunity to shoot? Are they only looking to shoot with fav foot? Are their heads up and making the right decision?

2) Movement off the ball: Are supporting players standing still and watching? OR moving to create space, move defenders or look for rebounds?

3) Deadliness: When presented with a scoring chance, are players lethal? Do they force GK's into unbelievable saves? Do they take the shots early before GK is set?

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