Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): Senior Assesment - Game Training

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Game Training

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Game Training
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Game Training (20 mins)

Game Training


Half pitch plus 5 metres into other half. 2 x 2m wide gates as shown.

Players - defending side GK , 2,3,4,5,6 & 8 ( 7 players), attacking side 3,6,8,10,7,9 & 11 (7 players)  14 players in total.

Set out bibs in the start positions you want each time we reset.

Make sure players know to return to those positions prior to the restart.

Game rules.

Defending side plays out long from GK into the central area. The white team then has to win the ball. Once they have possesion they combines to create a goal scoring opportunity.

If the ball goes out of play, the ball restarts again from the GK.

If the white team wins the ball they have 20 seconds to play the ball through either of the gates.

The white team's player must be in the opposition's half ( 5 metre zone) to play it through the gates.

Red 3 must stay in the 5 metre zone - players can use him to maintain possesion.

Offside rule applies.

Team Task - To create goal scoring opportunities by combination play in our attacking third.

Use the white board to demonstrate positions and reinforce the team task.

Ask them to be patient, but maintain ball speed.

Get them playing, then work through the checklist.

Start, Organization, Attitude, Ability, Understanding, Shape, Self.

When happy re-affirm the team task with the first intervention.

Player tasks / cues.

Everyone - Can you move the ball quickly

6,8 & 10. When playing forward, can you hit 9's feet.

7 & 11. Can you start as wide as possible to separate the back four.

10. When we are moving forward, can you get between their lines.

6,8 & 10. When 9 has the ball, can you create an option for him.

7 & 11. As 6 ,8 or 10 is driving forward, can you time your run to get in behind the defence.

Everyone. Can we quickly switch to isolate a defender to create a 1v1

9. When you recieve with your back to goal, can you bounce 6,8 or 10 to get yourself in behind your opponent.

9. If 6,8 or 10 is driving forward, can you bounce them to get them into the box.

9. Can you play with your back to goal and hold it up, then play in your team mate.

10. When 9 takes possesion, can you make sure that 9 can see you.

10. When 6 & 8 have possesion, can you make sure that you are not blocking passing lanes to 9.

6 & 8. When 10 or 9 has possesion, can you lose you opponent by crossing over with each other.

10. If 6 & 8 go forward, can you cover to give balance and security.

6,8 & 10. When 7,9 or 11 has possession,can you time you runs into the box

6,8 & 10. Can you position yourself facing forwards when recieving the ball.

6&8. If 7 or 11 is closed down in possesion, can you present for them for a backwards pass to then enable a quick switch.

9. If you find yourself in a a dangerous area, can you turn your opponent to get a shot on goal?

7 & 11. If you get behind your opponent, but there is no angle to shoot, can you cut the ball back to find 6,8 or 10.

6, 8 & 10. If you find yourself on the outside of the box in possesion, can you take a quick touch laterally to open up an angle to shoot.

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