Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Defending -2v2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

2v2 Defending

Objective: To establish pressure & cover responsibilities and Communciation.

- Mark out 2-3 10x10 yard grids in front or just on top of the 18 yard box.

- Use players that play together so that you can start to build those relationships between players (i.e. RB/RCB, LCB/LB, 2 Holding mids together.

- 30 seconds of instense pressing

1. Start Static

- Reds pass back and fourth using two touch. D1 and D2 have to work together to offer proper pressure and cover.

- 30 seconds then change the players

Prog:2) Now attackers have 1 opportunity to go and penetrate over endline = 1 Point

Prog:3) Make it competitive: both sets of players have 4 times to each to attack by scoring behind the line = 1 Point. Then change.

Coaching Points:

- Speed of approach

- Angle you run (dont make a straight run)

- Gage of reference when pressuring - (player should be on outside shoulder of attacker)

- Force inside to your help/cover if ball is central

- Force them outside if ball is wider - (dont let them back inside)

- On your toes - 2nd defender has to travel with the pass quickly

- Focus on the Ball

- Lead with your hands/arms (If they change direction you can stop thier run and stick body in the way)

- Communication

- Distance of 2nd Defender - IF TOO CLOSE and ball gets played across they beat both defenders with 1 touch. IF TOO FAR the attacking player can dribble inside through big gap

- If A1 dribbles inside across D1 - D2 who is covering shuts out A2 and now D1 & D2 Double Down on the ball and win it. GK should have through balls

- Goalkeeper reads/anticipates through balls

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