Peterborough vs Stamford

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Pro-Club: Peterborough United Academy FC

Michael Fox, Adult Member

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Michael Fox
Name: Michael Fox
City: Peterborough
Country: United Kingdom
Rank: Elite – 22 points
Membership: Adult Member
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Period 1 (50 mins)

Formation: Our Team: 2-2-1-1 |Opposition Team: 2-2-1-1


Gianluca - Look to break the lines as much as possible.

Harry M - Don't ask for the ball until you know what you wanna do with it.

Ollie - PLay forwards as much as possible & support the pass

Finley - Look to play forwards as much as you can

Alex - use combinations / Variety of skills to beat players

James - When in an opportunity to get shot away take it

Bailey - Play with your head up more and look to shoot.

Harry A - Play on less touches & have head up as much as possible when recieving.

Period Activity

Time Name Team Activity
0 --- --- --- Play starts
50 --- --- --- Play stops

Team List

Our Team (Home)

Num Player Name Main Position Goals Game Time (mins)
Gianluca D'Amore Goalkeeper 50
Bayley McCann Mid-fielder 50
Finley Morris Defender 50
Alex Roberts 50
Ollie Rose 50
Harry Maslen 50
Harry Aristidon Defender 50
James Stainsby 50

Opposition Team (Away)

Num Player Name Main Position Goals Game Time (mins)

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