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Carl Emberson, Adult Member

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Carl Emberson
Name: Carl Emberson
City: luton
Country: United Kingdom
Rank: Elite – 0 points
Membership: Adult Member
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Period 1 (2 mins)

Formation: Our Team: 4-3-3 |Opposition Team: 4-2-3-1

Period Activity

Time Name Team Activity
0 --- --- --- Play starts
103 --- --- --- Play stops

Team List

Our Team (Home)

Num Player Name Main Position Goals Game Time (mins)
Joe Bowles Goalkeeper
Matthew Mc Carthy Goalkeeper
Clivert Ayiysi-Ansah Defender
Kieran Walker Brown Defender
Seif Hashim Defender
Joshua Ojuolape Defender
Kalim Khan Defender
Jordan Cook Defender
Olamiji Ayloola Defender
Thullani Kaoma Defender
Jordan Stansbury Goalkeeper
James Smith Goalkeeper
Dominic Gurden Gurden Goalkeeper
Yassier Nazor Mid-fielder
Humzah Sheikh Mid-fielder
Sergio De Silva Mid-fielder
Aqil Ahmed Mid-fielder
Jack Richardson Mid-fielder
Nathan Douglas Mid-fielder
Kieron Rowland Mid-fielder
Mohammed Ahmed Mid-fielder
Raheel Gohil Defender
Kempton Graham Defender
Tobi James-Otokiti Defender
Khalil Felix Mid-fielder
Montel McKenzie Mid-fielder
Israel Olujimi Mid-fielder
Armand Tshela Mid-fielder
Asad Mohammed Mid-fielder
Warren Kayembe Striker
Jordan Masungi-Ndongala Striker
Jayde Abraham Striker
Godfrey Kambaza Striker
Dion Mac Foy Johnstone Striker
Hafidh Suleiman Striker

Opposition Team (Away)

Num Player Name Main Position Goals Game Time (mins)
1 Opposition Player 1 Goalkeeper
2 Opposition Player 2
3 Opposition Player 3
4 Opposition Player 4
5 Opposition Player 5
6 Opposition Player 6
7 Opposition Player 7
8 Opposition Player 8
9 Opposition Player 9
10 Opposition Player 10
11 Opposition Player 11

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