Football/Soccer Session (Mixed age): Eastchester - F16 (S7) (Start Time: 2016-11-12 12:30:00)

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Key Learning Outcomes

• Inspire players to follow Major League Soccer Playoffs & Championship Match happening this month.

• Provide players an opprotunity to apply skills they have been practice for the past seven weeks

• Create a great enviornment of fun, excitment and imagination to end on a great note.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): MLS CUP

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): MLS CUP
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MLS CUP (60 mins)


Field set up for MLS CUP

• Methodology TBD after consultation w/Division Leaders & Parent Coaches

• Play 3v3 (prefereably) or 4v4 if numbers require


• Middle area, with tall orange cones are where each team returns after each round of games.

• Middle area is also where scores for each game will be collected

• Metlife Stadium is where the championship game will be played each hour

• Each team will get 1 point for a loss, 2 points for a tie and 3 points for a win,

• Teams also get bonus points for getting back to their cone in the middle first and in line in a SAFE way

• Each team must select a team that is participating in MLS PLAYOFFS if they cant think of one we will help them (see the list of particiapting teams below)

• Top 2 Teams play in Championship while others cheer; Winning team will get to hoist a trophy, while the other teams applaud

Coaching Points:

Reinforce topics from the season

• Be fans and bring in commentary or real life information when possible

• Bring positive, specific information/feedback when players perform skills we have worked on this season


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