Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Get out of here

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Get out of here

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Get out of here
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Get out of here (10 mins)

Get out of here!

15y by 15y area. Set up like above - 3 triangle coned areas. Red players (non-taggers) have a ball each, blue players (taggers) do not.

The red players are looking to keep their ball using some of the turns worked on in the first practice, the taggers will be carrying round a bib and looking to touch the red player's ball with the bottom of their foot. The triangle coned areas are safe zones and players can stay in these areas for as long as they want (perform toe taps), if a red player wants to get into a safe zone where someone already is they shout 'GET OUT OF HERE' the red player in the safe zone then has to get out. If a player is tagged they give their ball to the tagger and take their bib and swap roles.

I am looking for red players to ask themselves the following questions:

1) Is my ball protected from the tagger.

2) Can I turn away from the tagger.

3) Can I change speed and move into a safe zone.


- Add taggers

- Take away taggers

- Take away safe zones

- Make the area smaller

Duration: 10 Minutes

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