Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Bangor CITY u12S : Short corner - Date - Coach : Chris Jones

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Robert Christopher J Jones
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Set-up -

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Set-up -
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Set-up - (30 mins)

ORGANIZATION : 1 Conventional goal and 18yds area 10 outfield players

2 sufficent amount of footballs available.

OBJECTIVES & AIMS : (a) To create space and confusion amongst opposition. (b) To score goals.


1 Players placed in startingpositions as shown.

2 Movement in black - passes in red.

3 Trigger one is the corner taker raises one arm this triggers the player on the front post to call for the ball whilst making a forward movement up to edge of six yard box then pivot and take position in line with front post ready for knock down.

4 Player waiting deep to look dis-intersested until he hears the call from front post plr he then turns moves forward and delivers cross into goal area or goes directly for goal.

5 All other movements are triggered as corner taker delivers pass.


1 Players understanding their individual roles.

2 Triggers clearly understood.

3 Tempo.

4 Goal attempts.


1 If short corner is not on all movements remain the same except now corner taker delivers into near post (trigger being two arms up by taker) or a far post delivery (trigger is taker bouncing ball twice near flag).

2 Player lying deep makes run to edge of box instead of dummy run to accept ball.

3 Mirror image occurs if corner is on opposite corner.


1 Can selected players perform their roles.

2 Communicational skills.

3 Understanding of set play.


1 Triggers

2 Tempo of delivery and movements.

3 Timing of movements esential.

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