Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Dribbling England Football Day

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Dribbling England Football Day

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Dribbling England Football Day
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Dribbling England Football Day (25 mins)

Dribbling England Football Day


- 20 x 25 yard area, bigger or smaller depending on numbers/ability of group


P1: Attack, attack, attack – can players try to score in every goal; identifying space, exploiting the space and penetrating where necessary.

P2: Opposed practice where shooting and gaining shooting opportunities are the main focus. 2 Reds will attack; yellows defend (no gks at the moment to improve success)

Reds have all the footballs to score, each time a red gets one ball they try to score (individual possession)

If the yellow players win possession of the ball, they can pass / move / dribble in order to keep the ball or try to score as quick as possible

(That ball cannot be used again once scored or gone out of play)

P3: Add goalkeepers and rotate attackers / defenders

P4: CHANGE THE LAYOUT OF THE PITCH – play a normal SSG game however a half way line is marked by disks and shots taken from within your half that go in count as double.


- What is going to affect the attackers?

- What is the best area to move into to score?

- What movements can you do?

- When is the right time to shoot?

- What will help you to make your decision on the ball?


- Dribbling techniques

- Control & Pass the ball.

- Finishing techniques

- Use a variety of passing/dribbling/shooting techniques to find out what works best.


- Decision making on the ball

- Identifying when to pass/dribble

- Identifying where to pass/dribble

- When/where to shoot

- Movements to support


- Information to player on the ball

- Encourage players to discuss in groups different ways of combining/working together to score (group discussion/observation)

- Understanding why it’s important to utilise players around them (group discussion/observation


- ABC’s

- Quick positive movements on the ball

- Quick repetitive movements to create space

- Quick movements to get into advanced positions

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