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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Top Left: Goalkeeping; players are encouraged to run through red lanes receive a ball from coach when at the white gated cones, they shout "keeper" and  the coach throws the ball to then and the ball is thrown back to the coach  with the hands.

Top Right: cat and mouse; one player is the cat and another is the mouse. the cat has to tag the mouse before he/she makes it through the red lane. rules state that the cat who is the person in the blue can not leave until the mouse has made the first movement. notice the starting poition of the cat is  central between the red cones and the mouse is  central between the blue cones. as a variation of this game you can now tell the mouse that he/she cannot move until the cat makes the first movment.

Bottom Left: penos; each player takes a penalty and trys to score on goalkepper

Bottom Right: snatch the bacon; one player from red and blue team run out past the ball touch the goal of opposing teams and turn back and try to get the ball using there feet and score on their own goal. the person that succeeds in doing this gets a goal for there team. this is a 1 v 1 game.

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