Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): 4 Goal Transistion

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4 Goal Transistion

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 4 Goal Transistion
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4 Goal Transistion (20 mins)

Setup: 30x55 grid (wider than long); 3 teams of 5 setup as shown (one team rests); 4-2 formation; Keeper in each zone. One team rests


4 min game + 2 min rest x 2 reps = 14 minutes

6v6 in a wide, short field. Each team has two small goals to defend and consequently, two goals to attack

The formation for each team is a 4-2 to illustrate P-C-B-C shape and to emphasize P-C v-shaped defensive pods around the field when defending. Begin with the ball on the ground, then allow balls in the air. Limit touches to increase speed of play (and consequently, improve speed of “read and react” defensive adjustments). Players should anticipate and be proactive in getting into good positions to defend effectively.

Coaching points:

~ 3 second rule: try to win ball back immediately, otherwise delay and recover behind ball

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