Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Ball Possession Killer pass

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1 (25 mins)

Drill Objective(s)

1.Develop players’ ability to maintain possession.

2.Develop players’ ability to pass and receive.

3.Develop quick attacking transition.

4. Develop a "killer pass".

•Area/Time: 25x25m (20mins)


Set up a playing area of 25x25mtrs. The playing area is split into 3 zones. The central zone is only 2mtrs wide. There are 3 teams of 4 players. The defending team (white in the diagram are defending 1st) has 2 players that must remain in the central zone whilst the other two players are free to enter and press the ball. The 2 players in the central zone are free to move across but within only the central zone and screen through passes.


Attacking teams are attempting to complete at least 6 (this can be increased/decreased to the ability of your team) passes before switching play to the team in the far zone (opposite end of the playing area). At the time they are looking for a "killer pass" to the feet of the blue team at other end of zone. When they occurs the two defenders (white) in the central area step out and press the receving team. The other two defenders recover to the central area.

After several attempts per team swap and allow the white team to now have possession in large zone and Blue team defend. Rotate each team so all teams have a turn as defending. Aim for 2 goes defending each team


Following 6 passes in one end area and a successfull pass to the team at the opposite end = 1 goal.


1.Support via creating good anlges for the player on the ball. (LCRF)

2.Create a diamond shape to create good passing angles.

3.Play & receive pass with open body position.

4.Play with head up to see opportunities to swtich the play.

5.Dont force the switch, be patient.

6.Pace of play should be fast.

7.Defenders should press and transtiion immediately.

8.Transition between attacking and defending must be immediate!


1.Allow 3 defenders to press and one holds in the central playing area.


1.Switched pass must be an aerial ball.

2.Before the defending team switches to offense they must complete a pass to a team mate.


Ensure the defeners are quick to transition also, and press the appropriate grid. As soon as a ball goes out immediately get another ball in and going. If the game stops for more than 10 secs have the players do 5 push ups before continuing.

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