Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Playing through the thirds

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Daniel Ford
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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Playing through the thirds.

The starting point each player will be locked into a zone and only allowed to pass through each zone. After 2-3 minutes, players will be given freedom to move into any zone.

Coaching process will be used if a player makes an error playing into a zone or just in general.

Drive by and Fly by will be introduced to players that make an individual error.

Targets will be set to players who dont seem as interested/are struggling to get involved.

Targets will also be set to players who are finding it to easy.

Pedigogy: Empowerment, Scaffolding, Freedom, Guided Discovery, Q&A and Scenario Based Learning

Empowerment - Locked in zones can only pass through.

Scaffolding - Example - Player is struggling so set a target for them to achieve and as the session goes on make it harder

Freedom - Players can go wherever they like, no longer locked in zones.

GD - Tip players on what could be done differently and watch them do what you was after.

Q&A - Before, Halfway and End of session. During Fly/Drive Bys too.

Scenario - Blues 1-0 up. 5 Mins left to play, can reds get back in to the game. Can the blues hold on.


Empowerment (Landrum, 2006).

Scaffolding - development of players in stages (Stafford, 2011).

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