Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): SSG - Turning & Control

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG - Turning & Control

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG - Turning & Control
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SSG - Turning & Control (15 mins)


30x40 Yard Area

Two 5 Yard End Zones on Each End

Two Teams of 5 Players

Good Supply of Balls

Cones ready to add in Gates



Dribble into the end zone and put foot on top of the ball to score a goal.



No Tackling once a player gets into an end zone

Reds shoot one direction, Blues shoot the other direction

After a team scores, they leave the ball there and the other team get possession



-Add some gates into the area using cones. a team MUST go through a gate before scoring a goal/if a team goes through a gate then it's worth Two Goals


Coaching Points:

-Good Control when receiving a pass

-Can the players use a creative turn to get out of trouble or move into space in a different part of the area


Reasons to Step in and use the Coaching Process:

-A pass bounces away from them - need to relax the foot on impact


-A pass bounces away from them - used the wrong part of the foot/body to control with e.g. used outside of foot when should have used sidefoot


-Turned into a player - need to get head up before the turn to check if and where the space is


-Didn't get away from player after turn - need to accelerate away

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