Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Physical - Intense 2 min games

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 2 min games

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 2 min games
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2 min games

simple intensive game that can be aimed at defending or attacking

1. game is played on a smallish pitch

2. players are split into 2 teams

3. 2x servers at each side of goals for each team with balls at there feet

4. 2x players start in middle of pitch both back to back but facing the goals they are defending

5. coach starts the game by wedging a ball between the players back then starts the game

6. set the game time at 1 or 2 mins 1v1

7. players try to score into goals and can shoot from anywhere

8. once a player has had a shot he must retreat behind the half way line whilst one of the servers plays a ball to the player who's goal has just been shot at

9. player who retreated behind half way line can only start to put pressure on when NEW attacking player recieves ball

10. keep the scores for the teams

coaching points

1. defending players body shape

2. touch tight

3. aware of there position in relation to goal

4. encourage defenders to force attackers wide or on to weaker foot

5. when NEW attackers are receiving ball from a server make sure they are coming back near servers and opening up there body shape so they are receiving ball on back foot whilst facing the goal they are about to attack.

6. players must call servers name to receive the ball, make sure its the player that dictates which server he receives the ball from and not the other way round

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