Football/Soccer Session (U15): SSG - Defending with a GK, back 4 and Lone Screener

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): SSG
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SSG (15 mins)


9v9 SSG

Red team formation: GK-4-1-1-2 - taking away the 2 attacking wingers

Blue team formation: GK-2-4-2 - taking away the 2 full backs


- When the Red team win the ball back the are looking to be direct and score.

Managing the opposition:

- 1 of the Blue CB can go beyond the half-way line to create overloads.

- Condition Blue team to make the pitch as big and wide as they can.

Key Coaching points:

-Showing one way from the front. Defending team to come in make centre of the pitch compact - mark the 2 CM's of the opposition.

-Deepest player screening the front. Distances between centre bacs. When to press high when to drop into a pressing line

-Try to communicate from behind the play, defenders and GK work together, quick precise communication.

-Try to deny space when the attacker has a bad touch, can the players recognise trigger points?

-Working together is key, as well as good communication, try to keep the distances between the players uniform throughout.

What if’s?

-The 2 attacking wingers drop off for the ball deep – The full back can press and the remaining of the back 4 shuffle over and cover


- The aim for the Red team is to concede no more than 5 goals in 15 minutes taking into consideration there will be overloads.

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