Hockey Session (Senior): Fox In The Box

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Fox In The Box

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Hockey Session Plan Drill (Colour): Fox In The Box
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Fox In The Box


A fun game which is great for improving finishing, players will need to be instinctive and must be able to adapt their ideas quickly. This practice takes place in and around the D, two teams play inside (red & yellow) with neutral players on the outside. If the defending team win possession they must play back to the 'top' players (black). This example works with 4x pairs - but it can be adapted to suit most numbers.


This game is tight and frantic, players need to perceive and execute quickly to be successful. First team to score 2x goals wins, rotate roles to change the outside team.

Link to 11v11

Finishing under pressure and from a variety of different passes. As well as movement to out-think and outplay the defender to score.

- Deciding early whether to shoot or assist.

- Utilising the outside support players to create an overload and an assist.

- Variety of finishes.


You can adapt this practice in a number of ways to suit your group size;

6x players = 2v2 inside, wide players and coach at top.

8x players = as per the diagram, players work in pairs

9x players = 3v3 inside, 2x wide players and 1x player at the top

12x players = 3 teams of 4, 4v4 inside and 4x outside

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