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Stephen Fisher
Name: Stephen Fisher
City: Langwarrin SC
Country: Australia
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Sport: Football/Soccer


Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Frame

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Frame
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C Licence Senior Assesment

Football problem - We have been trying to play the ball long, beyond our 9, for him to run on to.

What - There is no strcutured build up in attack.

Who - 6,8,10 & 7,9,11

Where - Attacking third.

When - When moving the ball forward from our midfield.

Why - Our first option is to play the ball long, behind the defence.

Session Objective - To create goal scoring opportunites by combination play in our attacking third.


Past - In our past few games we have been playing too direct and have had no build up in attack against an organized defence.

Present - Tonight we will work on utilizing different avenues to goal, to unsettle an organized defence.

Future - If we can be patient, and work some angles, we should have more success in creating goal scoring opportunities.

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