Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): B License/ Activity/ Attack Centrally in Zone 3 --> 4 (Start Time: 2017-09-24 13:00:00)

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Players develop understanding of attacking centrally through zone 3 and 4 to create scoring chances: central players (striker, central midfielders) and supporting R&L midfielders.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Functional Analytical

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Functional Analytical
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Functional Analytical (25 mins)

Attacking Centrally - Zone 3 and 4

Key Players: HM, AM, L&RM Striker

-14-16 players/ adjust organization for more or less players

-Players to be in their usual positions

-Work predominantly with blue team when on attack

-Activity takes place in Center Channel 20 - 30 m wide extending to halfway line.

-5 m serving/ target zones as shown in diagram

-Blues attack goal and whites score by playing ball to one of the target/ servers.

-Central Blue player at half can serve as outlet/ pivot player as needed.

-Play begins when server passes to blue team.

-Blues must combine to score on goal.

-Whites must try to win the ball back and try to score by playing the ball to one of the targets/servers.

-When a white player scores, target much switch to their partner server before ball played back in.

-Play is always restarted with serving players.

-Players to re-set ahead of start line for re-starts.

Key Points:

-Coordinate shape and movement (1 high and 1 low, distance from each other and from the ball). (Support and Depth with Striker/ Central Midfielders)

-Receive on the half turn/ open --> when possible. (Open/ forward touch to engage defenders)

-Striker movement to threaten space behind the defender (off the shoulder, get between the Defenders.

-Striker drop into space to receive, turn and play a combination with MF (Cue/ central midfielder - head up/ ready to make pass/ body language)

-At least one MF make runs past the Striker (Cue - as pass arrives/ or as player with ball engages)

**Striker - if no pressure on the ball can you run in behind or between the defenders?

**If Striker drops into midfield, can a MF interchange positions? Overlap?

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