Football/Soccer Session (Mixed age): L-Turn - Technical Semi-Opposed

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Semi-Opposed

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Semi-Opposed
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1. 20x15 area.

2. Players set up as shown.

3. One ball per pair.


1. Players work in pairs.

2. Attacker with ball dribbles forward to nearest cone.

3. Defender looks to beat attacker to cone but does not attempt to win ball.

4. Attacker performs L-turn at cone/to beat passive defender.

5. Players rotate roles on way back.

6. Next pair repeats process when first two players finish an entire rotation.

Coaching Points:

1. Head up to observe space.

2. Direction and weight of first touch.

3. Slow down as space becomes smaller.

4. Accelerate out of move.

5. Technical execution of L-Turn:

* Use sole of foot to drag ball back

* Ball goes behind standing foot

* Use inside of foot to push ball across

* Ball travels across standing foot

* Take ball away in opposite direction


1. If possible, start with a square pass from passive defender.

2. Ensure players work from both sides.

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