Football/Soccer Session (Reserves): (PDP) Counter-attacking from deep

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Counter-attacking from deep

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Counter-attacking from deep
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(PDP) Counter-attacking from deep

Practice organisation

• Full pitch with goals, coned-off between 2 penalty areas,

as illustrated.

• 16 players (incl. 2GK’s), 1 ball.

• Players arranged 6v6 in defensive half, with 1 Target player in

opposite half & 1 player starting on side of pitch on halfway.

• Practice starts with: GK rolls ball out to Defender.

• Objective is to keep possession in deep area before looking to play

into T in opposite half, or run ball

into opposite half before linking-up with T.

• Once T is found: 6D’s move into opposite half to combine

& score past GK, as 2 DFs recover immediately.

• When objective is achieved: player on outside of practice

area becomes T at opposite end & play is resumed with

same arrangements.


• Excellent support & passing skills when in congested playing areas.

• Recognition of when to continue passing within

one half & when to pass forward to T.

• Execution & nature of forward passing, with emphasis on accuracy

& weight, whether delivering aerial or along ground.

• Speed of support for T on receiving ball.

• Simple progression for this practice is:

- Strike at goal within a time frame (e.g. 10 seconds from regain

of possession).

- Reduce the area and increase the numbers for the counter attack

from the congested areas.

Key coaching points

• T looking to adjust position to remain in range of build-up play.

• Recognition & execution of appropriate techniques

to move & receive possession from build-up by T.

• T assessing need to hold-up ball with individual skill or release early

to quick supporting player(s).

• Quality & variety of receiving & passing skills in build-up play.

• Timing of release of forward pass to T & runs to offer support.

• Maintaining momentum of attack through support from side, behind

& in front of player in possession in build-up play.

- T is marked by a defender.

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