Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): Decision Making - Barcelona 5v3

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Double Diamond is used as an extensive warm-up focusing on passing and receiving quality. Then move onto a transition game of 5v3 or 6v3 Barcelona exercise. Finally the session moves to a 3v2 (3v3) transition game. You can end any session with a small sided game.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Barcelona 5v3

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Barcelona 5v3
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Barcelona 5v3 (25 mins)

Area = 15 x 20 (with a 8x8 in the middle)


1) The reds play possession in the 8x8 yard area against one blue defender (A). If the defender (A) wins the ball or the reds make a stray pass that goes outside of the 8x8 area then the blues now take possession of the ball and the reds must defend making a 5v3 (or a 6v3 depending on what number of players you have).

2) The blues must keep possession using the central blue player (A) as a central connector. Only when the reds win the ball back are they allowed to take the ball back to their 8x8 area. At that time a NEW red defender must enter the 8x8 area AFTER the player has circled around the closest cone. Then the game begins again with the central group of three players keeping the ball against one defender.

NOTE - Sometimes the group of three are very good and keep the ball for a long time, so to make it more challenging make the red team play with only 1-touch after they successfuly make 6 passes.

C= Coach who must try to keep balls coming in quickly

Change the three reds after about 3-4 minutes.

If you have 16-18 players then make two areas and go either 5v3 or 6v3 depending on the size of your squad.

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