Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): BP - forward passing - transition

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

SET UP: 3 = number teams (4 v 4), on a pitch of 30 x 30 with 2 goals at each end and 4 corner markers. A number of balls in centre of each end . On the field 4 ( red) v 4 (blue) and 4 (green ) players on outsdid emarkers - Players on outside can NOT enter playing field

AIM: To move the ball forward quickly, to score - aim to think of passing forward early - and then transition quickly in either attack/defense

HOW: 2 teams play a 4 v 4 game and can use any of outside bouncers, aim to go forward (as it is a directional game) and Green team are the bouncers during game once a team scores, the opposition team (who not scored) leaves the field and the other (green team) enter the playing field, at this time the Blue team get a ball from the centre of the field and attack the other end , quickly, while the Green team must transition QUICKLY to defend. Once a goal is cored by either team, the teams rotate again.

PLAYER TASKS: can i pass forward - to aplayers feet or in behind - can i score with a forward pass - Body shape to go forward

COACHING POINTS: As abocve - move ball quickly, look to go forward - scanning - player movement - In transition team entering field - where do they go to close down the attack?

PROGRESSION: make 2 players in each team only allowed 2 touches - to encourage faster play - rotate this player around.

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