Football/Soccer Session (U10): Support Play

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Support Play

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Support Play
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Support Play


*30 x 20 yards. 2 equal halves. Goals in each corner.

*3 reds vs 2 blues in one half and 1 v 1 in other half.

*Additional blue starts on the sideline of the 1 v 1 half.

*Reds start with possession of the ball. Reds score by achieving pre determined number of consecutive passes before looking to transfer ball into other end.

*2 reds follow pass/run with ball and one blue moves into other half to recreate 3 v 2 situation. Practice continous as previously.


*As looking for opportunities, preparing and planning for movement or pass forward into other half.

*Ds planning and preparing counter attack.


1. Define time limit to counter attacks

2. Reds achieve two sets of consecutive passes then transfer to other half.

3. Remove player from sideline and play 3 v 2 in one half and 2 v 1 in other.

4. Include all to make 4 v 4 game.


1. Control, passing and support play skills needed to keep possession

2. Using space to exploit advantage of overload

3. Timing of forward runs and passes

4. Ds looking to spoil and intercept, being mindful of counter attacking with security.

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