Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Southampton 1v1, 2v2 with Transition

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Drill

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Drill
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Set Up

2 mini goals/targets at one end of the pitch set in from each corner (see diagram). Across the width of the pitch mark an ‘end-zone’ approximately 7 yards/metres out from the goal line. Place a defender in the end zone to begin the game.

At the opposite end, create a 5x5 area just off the pitch at the halfway point of the perimeter. The 2 teams line up at this end of the pitch opposite goals. Each player has a ball.


The aim of the game is for the attackers to attack the “end-zone” and score in the goal diagonally across the pitch, having beaten the defender. The attacker can only score once inside the ‘end-zone’.

Once the attacker has scored, he becomes the defender for the next sequence.

If the defender wins the ball from the attacker he can dribble or pass the ball into the 5x5 area to also score a point(one of the attacking queue of players should move into the 5x5 area to receive the ball).

Each time the ball goes dead i.e. a goal is scored, the ball goes out of play or the defender gets the ball into the 5x5 area, the next player can begin the sequence again. The defender must be alive to that fact. Teams take it in turns to attack.


Allow the attackers the choice of which goal to score in. Points system: 2 points for scoring in the diagonal goal or 1 point for scoring in the goal directly opposite; 5 points if the defender can get the ball into the 5x5 area.

Coaching Points

Exploit space with a big touch.

Use little touches when close to the defender.

A change of pace / a trick to beat the defender.

Defender – think about body position in relation to the goal, show the attacker the direction you want him to go in.

Defender – think about a recover run towards the goal rather than the attacker if caught out of position.

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Shaded Pitch Area

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