Football/Soccer Session (U12): 4-4-2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 1-4-4-2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): 1-4-4-2
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Attacking :

o Team is made up of two equaly balanced halves.

o Fulbacks can get forward to support the attack and still leave 3 defenders.

o Fulbacks can create numbers up situations in wide areas.

o Center forwards have space to work in

o Center forwards can have different roles to pull defenders apart

o Opportunity to switch the point of attack at anytime to exploit space in wide


o Simple for players to understand

Defending :

o Two banks of 4 players making penetration difficult

o Option to play zonal or man to man

o The 4 defenders and midfield cover the width of the field easily

o 1 forward can drop into make a 5 man midfield if require.



o Support of # 9 and 10 by the line of midfield.

o Quality of the wide service and long range passing.

o Effective relationship between the two forward.

o Secondary and tertiary goal scorers.


o Opponent with 4 lines( e.g 4-2-3-1)

o Opponent with three central midfielders

o Midfield balance in defending transition.

o Weak side balance.

Position = Goalkeeper #1

Technical Functions:

o Shot stopping and ball handling – on the ground, below the waist, above

the waist, diving,tip-overs, parrying, catching and holding

o  Crosses – catching,boxing one and two handed,attacking the ball

o Distribution – throwing, bowling, kicking, punting, drop kicking

o Breakaway – technical aspects

o Receiving and passing – outlet

Defensive Roles:

o O rganization of defense

o Playing as a sweeper, providing cover and balance

o Starting positions in reference to the movement of the ball, pressure on the

ball, athletic ability and movement of players

o Distribution as the 1 attacker and as support playin attack–first options

should always be wide

o Ability to close down player on breakaway, cut down shooting angles

o Range of the goalkeeper in the box to handle crosses and come off of the


Attacking Roles:

o Support player,ability to change the point of attack (always an option)

o Distribution to be the first attacker

o Transition – recognizing moments to play forward quickly

Position = Central Defender #3 and #4


o Heading

o Ability to clearthe balboth feet

o T a c k lin g

o Passing – Driven,lofted and curling passes

o Receiving

o Long range shooting

o Running w ith the bal

o S h ie ld in g

o Turning

Defensive Roles:

o Variesdependinguponroleassigned

o M arking responsibilities,starting position in relation to the baland

m ovem entofplayers,denying,containing and w inning the bal

o Properanglesofrecovery

o Denyingspacebehind-Mantomanorzonalmarking

o Providing coverand balance

o C ontroled aggression in tackling and closing players dow n

o D efending num bers up and dow n

Attacking Roles:

o Distribution ofthe ballong and short

o Supportplayerforplayerin advance ofthe bal

o Establish w idth in the atack

o W in the baland play forw ard quickly

o Supportplay behind the bal

o Team shape

o S e t p la y s

Curriculum –TeamTactics

Position = Fulback


o Heading

o Ability to clearthe balfeetand heading

o T a c k lin g

o Passing – Driven,lofted and curling passes

o Receiving

o Long range shooting

o C rossing

o D ribbling to beatan opponent

o Running w ith the bal

Defensive Roles:

o D eny penetration on the flanks

o Positionalplay depending m ovem entofthe baland players

o M ark opposing w ide m idfielder

o Pick up opposing forw ard w hen the

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