Football/Soccer Session (Mixed age): Possession Drill

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Possession

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Possession
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Possession (30 mins)


20x20 Yard Area

3 Teams of 4 Players

One Team spread into the Four Corners, Inside the Area not Outside. Can move a Couple of Yards either way.

The other Two Teams Inside the Area.



Keep Possession of the Ball

6 passes = 1 Goal



No limit on touches inside the square.

Team in the corners are playing for whichever team is in possession.

Team in the Corners are on 2 Touch.

Team in the corners can pass to each other but only twice in a row before it must come back into the square.

Swap Teams around after designated time.



4 Minute Games x 3.

3 Minute Games x 3.

1 Minute Rest In-Between Games


Coaching Points:

-Quality Passing and Control

-Don't Block Lines into the Corner Players

-Minimal Touches

-Try to be Positive and Play Forwards with Split Passes - Easy to Play around the Outside, try to play Through the Middle - Diagonal to Diagonal

-Always looking for space to be in - Don't let yourself be marked by an opponent

-Try to have a Picture in your mind of your Next Move before you receive the ball

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