Football/Soccer Session (U6): Pirates of the Carribbean

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main Theme

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Main Theme
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Main Theme


1. 30x30 area set up as shown.

2. Every player with a ball.


1. Each pirate (player) has a ship (ball).

2. Their task is to sail around as many different islands (cones) as they can in order to get gold coins.

3. Pirates have 30 second to get as many coins as they can.

4. If a ship gets stuck on an island (ball hitting a cone), they must call for the captain (coach) to come and fix their ship.

5. If another pirate ship comes close, they can fire the cannons on them (kick the other players ball away).

Coaching Points:

1. Keep your ship close to you

2. Watch out for other ships and islands

3. Sail as fast as you can


1. If captain yells “Scrub the deck” all pirates must use the sole of their foot to scrub the deck (ball)

2. If the captain (coach) yells “hoist the sail” all pirates must throw their sail (ball) in the air and catch it

3. Sharks (coach) also live in the ocean and can attack at any time. All pirates must get back to the dock if there is a shark attack .

4. The islands have now turned into treasure and the pirates have to sail out to get it. The pirates like to wear the treasure as bangles, earrings and crowns.

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