Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): CG: Passing & Receiving

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Conditioned Game

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Conditioned Game
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Conditioned Game (30 mins)


1. 40 x 30 yard area setup as shown

2. 12 players (6 Attackers, 6 Defenders)

3. 1 ball (Additional around the outside)

4. 3 areas, Defense, Midfield and Attack


1. Teams are setup into the 3 areas of the field, Defense, Midfield and Attack. Use the formation 2-3-1

2. Attacking Team starts with the ball in their defense. They must look to keep possession for 3 passes and move the ball into midfield.

3. Once the ball is in midfield one defender may enter the midfield zone to create a 4 v 3 situation

4. Midfield players look to move the ball up to the forward to score. Once the ball is in the Attacking zone, one Midfielder may enter the Attacking zone to create a 2v2 situation.

5. Only the forwards can score. Once a goal has been scored play starts with the conceding team

6. Should the Defending team win the ball they become the attacking team and start from where they won the ball

7. If the ball goes out, play restarts back with the attacking team ’s defense

Coaching Points:

1. Angle of approach

2. Head up to observe your target

3. Specific Technique 

4. Weight and Accuracy of pass 

5. Disguise your pass

6. Can you transition quickly?


1. P – Two touches

2. P – All players must touch the ball

3. R – Take out restrictions and let he team pass when they see fit

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