Football/Soccer Session (U10): Crossing from Wide Areas

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Function

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Function
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Function (30 mins)

Crossing from Wide Areas

- Working With Blues

Blues - CB, CB, CM, CM, RM, LM (7)

Reds - GK, CB, CB, CM, CM, ST (6) If 14 players, add blue ST

- Ball starts with Blue CB

- Progress and play forward, end product must be a cross from wide area

- Wingers in the wide areas are unopposed

- Reds have 20 seconds to counter and score

Coaching Points

All - play on blindside of defenders

All - occupy space between defenders, don't stand next to them

All - start from back to come forwards, come across the defender

All - attack the ball

All - communication

CB - drive forward into space if possible, get high up the pitch before playing. If gap in midfield is there to exploit - do it.

CB - can switch to other CB, if play goes out to one side (right/left), closest CB support play, furthest CB narrow off and cover centrally.

CM - if ball played into CM from either CB, can it be switched out to the following side.

CM - one play deeper (triangle) and be anchor playmaker

CM - when play goes into wide areas, advanced CM drive into box, deeper CM provide central cover outside of box

CM - combine to play wide

CM - rotate positions, one go away the other come short

CM - in wide areas, one CM needs to support play for the inside pass

RM/LM - stay outside of cones in possession but come inside and tuck in if out of possession (narrow off and become compact with 2x CM)

RM/LM - drive to advanced area before crossing

RM/LM - vary delviery - front post, edge, hang up to back.

RM/LM - if ball is on opposite wing, come inside and occupy back post area. Ball should not go out of the back post.

RM/LM - if both CM go into the box, opposite winger tuck inside central and provide cover

ST - if ball is in wide areas, must be in the box between the two posts

ST - play high, spread the pitch and create gaps for movement and playing oppourtunities for supporting players

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