Football/Soccer Session (Academy Sessions): Balance and Co-Ordination

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Benjamin Sohier

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Benjamin Sohier
Name: Benjamin Sohier
City: Telford
Country: United Kingdom
Membership: Adult Member
Sport: Football/Soccer


Setup: Half of pitch. Mannequin (or passive defender) 10m from half way line. Player to start behind mannequin to receive from passer. Turn either side of mannequin. Dribble through cones (3-8), approach mannequin (or passive defender), piece of skill or dynamic movement to get away to then finish once in penalty box. Passer then moves onto first mannequin and player next in line becomes passer. Can be mirrored practice to reduce inactivity of players not involved.


Aim: Each player to execute match relevant movements with a focus on their co-ordination and balance. Particularly to get past the mannequins or passive defenders. Finishing is included to implement a final/end product and also to be a motivator.


Time: 15 mins.


Rest: Players have plentiful rest when they are not involved to recover and then perform at high tempo.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1 (15 mins)

Coaching Points:

- Dynamic, explosive match speed movements on and off the ball

- Quality of first touch

- Quality of ball control

- Skill/change of speed/direction to get away from mannequins/passive def

- End product decision and execution

- High tempo

- Paced exercise, start next player once previous through cones.

- First pass in is a crucial pace setter





- Mannequins/passive defenders are replaced with live defenders.

- Vary pass type into player receiving

- Can switch sides. If turned right initially and completed cones, player can switch to mannequin/defender on left side.

- GK to be added.

- Player receiving combine with passer and receive ball behind mannequin/defender.

- Add striker in to combine and lay off for player to finish.

- Time limit.



- Empthasis on completing exercise properly rather than speed.

- No competition.

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