Football/Soccer Session (Moderate): Ball Mastery 2

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1

Skill Channel: Ball mastery 2

Area: TBC


A1 or Attackers have a ball each are looking at stepping into the play zone to dribble / RWTB and perform a skill (Coach) Feint to go past active defenders and attack gates 1 and 2 at opposite end of the area.

If player is succesful then he comes down the side of the area and performs a skill (Coach) against the static mannequin and then dribbles ball to start line and repeats.

If the player on the ball runs into pressure from the defender he can 1. play a wall pass with the yellow floater or 2. Check back to the start (Shaded area) and have another attempt.


If the defenders intercept ball from the attacking player then that players joins the defenders in the zone (Competition / Pressure)

Types of skills practised

Key Points:

Ensure practice is consistant and playing looking to beat opposing defenders and attack the different gates. (Direction)

Keep tempo high

Use a variety of control/Ball mastery techniques

Ball moving and playing with head up (Decision making)

Arrow Large Line Straight 2px Arrow Medium Right
Arrow Large Line Straight 2px Arrow Medium Right
Shaded Pitch Area

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