Football/Soccer Session (U6): NYCFC BGU6

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Developing Motorskills in a fun and challenging way that enables players to learn

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): U6 Activity

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): U6 Activity
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U6 Activity (60 mins)


20x15 - 20X30


(A) Coach - Tag game.

Progress - to when player are tagged Kids have to stand still till they are taged by teamates to unfreeze

- can change tagger to a player

-holding ball over their head

Simon Says

Simon Says Game - Touch the ball with your left foot, Pick up the ball, throw the ball into the air, kick the ball and run after it, jump over the ball, kick it with your laces,

Get with a partner, get in two or three or fours, go into the blue box.

Progress - player can be simon

(B) Go to Goal running with the ball and shooting split them up- and see which team can score and come back to middle and sit down the fatest.

5v5 Game in the end pick up 2 red 2 blue cones from the middle of the field

Coaching Points:

Head Up to see Players



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