Football/Soccer Session (Difficult): midfield support

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Screen 1
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Screen 1


Both ends go at same time.

yellow midfielders work with fullbacks 1&2 first/ blue midfielders work with fullbacks 3&4 first----after attack finishes, change and work in opposite direction.

Trigger-ball from gk1 (gk2 does same eg both to left back so that opposite corners are involved)

Centre mid on side of fullback with ball drops to create angle and space to play striker, other 1 leaves space to move across striker after ball is played.

Ball played from fullback to striker

Winger/ cm move wide and across striker

Ball played to winger and cross to striker cm and other winger


Winger coming in and getting on end of ball for shot…bent run along line and in behind.

Striker moves back to second striker position and ball played to either feet or head—both wingers come in and penetrate for flick on…cm comes across and shoots or passes.

fullbacks play ball to striker- then come in to play as central defenders as part of back 4 between manikans. continue to defend against attack.

Conditioned game

2-4-2 both teams- emphasis on one team (set up at start of session)

Emphasis on creating space to hit strikers and once that’s done-timing and quality of support.

Must be at least 3 bodies in box for delivery or shot.

Coaching points….timing of movements, wide players coming in, penetration from cm (show demos- include moving the ball to demonstrate)

Phase of play

2 full backs, 4 mid, 2 strikers.

When ball goes to fullback create space for ball to striker.

Show same points as in drill and conditioned game.

Defending team 4,2,1 (keeper target)

Quick re-organisation of a couple of players and Straight into phase without much direction at start to save time.

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