Football/Soccer Session (Reserves): (PDP) Individual and Combined Finishing 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Individual and Combined Finishing 1

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): (PDP) Individual and Combined Finishing 1
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(PDP) Individual and Combined Finishing 1

Practice organisation

• Half pitch (working around penalty area) with full goal, as illustrated.

• 7 players (incl. GK), with outfield players working in pairs, as

Attackers, Servers & Secondary Servers.

• Supply of balls with each server.

• A’s start width of goal apart on edge of penalty area.

• 2S’s start 8-10yds outside penalty area.

• Practice starts with: ball is fed diagonally into A1,

who turns to strike at goal.

• Immediately: a second S, stationed by goal post,

feeds a ball for A1 to attack & finish on goal.

• Practice continues; alternating S & A’s.

• After pre-determined number of attempts: players rotate roles.


• Where possible: A should strike on goal with

minimum number of touches, unless player decides

to take ball into 1v1 with GK.

• Ability to use body feints & disguise of intended strike before

contacting ball to possibly unbalance GK.

• Composure, accuracy & power are of paramount importance.

• Simple progressions for this practice are:

- A’s work in tandem: 1 drops to receive & turn,

then feeds team mate on run.

- Vary nature of service (aerial, heavy weight, swerve etc).

- GK should be allowed to recover from ‘double’ strikes at goal, before

the next attempts are made.

Key coaching points

• Movement of A making angle to receive & strike on goal.

• Look over inside shoulder whilst moving to receive, adjusting body

shape accordingly.

• 1st touch excellence to set-up opportunity to strike at goal.

• 1st touch may be strike on goal.

• Observe (if possible) position & movement of GK.

• Decide technique to employ to beat GK with strike.

• Execute contact with precision.

• React quickly to 2nd. opportunity to strike

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