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Passing, Receiving and Awareness session that can be used to quantitatively measure technical development over time.

Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Ball Mastery

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Football/Soccer Session Plan Drill (Colour): Ball Mastery
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Ball Mastery (25 mins)

Technical: Ball Mastery


13 players. 4 zones. Two zone A and two zone B. Cones, soccer ballls & pinnies. Four 10x10 yd squares marked out with cones (20x20yd in total area) with a 5yd area internally marked out using different color cones. The internal 5yd area is the control zone/box. 4 servers in zone A and 2 servers in zone B.

One receiving red player starts in Zone A and makes his way through 4 zones. If you have the numbers you can have a red player in each zone and work clockwise or anti clockwise each 30 seconds.


Player in red pinnie/jersey starts in zone A. 3 Orange players with a ball, one without. Player works for 30 seconds receiving the ball from orange players and finding the spare man. Red player must control the ball inside the 5yd box with two or three touches.

After 30 seconds, Coach calls switch, and player in red pinnie/jersey moves to zone B. Two servers, one with the ball one without. Servers play into receiving red player, who receives with his right foot and passes with his left to find spare server. Server then plays ball back to red player who now receives with his left foot and passes with his right. Continuous for 30 seconds.

Player then moves into second zone A and repeats same process for 30 seconds and concludes with the final zone B for 30 seconds. All players will perform one full circuit (two zone A and 2 zone B, 30 seconds per zone, 2 minutes in total) as a warm up. The second round will be measured on number of passes completed (technique with passing & accuracy), how many times a player checks his shoulder to identify the spare player (awareness) and how many times a player is able to use no more than 3 touches (2 touches for advanced level teams) to return the ball to a serving player (technique when receiving).

If the ball leaves the 5yd box when a player receives the ball in the second round (testing round) it will not be counted as a successful "control of the ball", which in turn means the following pass will not count either. If the player checks his shoulder despite an unsuccessful control & pass it will still count. 1 mark for every successful ball control in each zone, 1 mark for every successful pass (hit the target with correct weight of pass) in each zone and 1 mark for every check of the shoulder in each zone.


- Good first touch (good contact on ball when receiving)

- Accuracy (passing & good contact on the ball)

- Correct Weight of pass

- Awareness of where spare server is as you make your pass

 - Use different surface of foot to try new passing & receiving techniques

- Three touch maximum, two touch ideally

- Move quickly into the next zone on Coaches call

- Utilize space in the box when receiving the ball

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